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Freedom of Information Act Request Form

  1. City of Lake City, South Carolina

    202 Kelley Street, Lake City, SC 29560

    Phone: (843) 374-5421


    The City of Lake City, South Carolina (the “City”) has adopted its “Policy Regarding Requests for Public Records Under the Freedom of Information Act” (the “Policy”). Pursuant to the Policy, requests for information made under the Freedom of Information Act, now codified at §§ 30-4-10 et seq. of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended (the “FOIA”) shall be made using this form. This form must be signed and submitted by one of the following ways: 

    In Person

    Lake City Administration Building, 202 Kelley Street, Lake City, SC 29560

    By Mail 

     Attn: City AdministratorCity of Lake City, P.O. Box 1329, Lake City, SC 29560

    By Email 

    Email FOIA requests to the city administrato

    Faxed requests are not accepted.

    Please refer to the City of Lake City Fee Schedule for minimum fees required to respond to the request that must be included.  Additional fees may also be required. No faxed requests will be accepted.

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  3. Section 30-4-30(b) of FOIA, authorizes the City, as a public body, to charge and collect fees for the actual costs of responding to requests for public information. Under the Policy, the City has duly adopted the fee schedule set forth below for copies and for staff time in searching for and providing requested information. A minimum fee of $3.00 for all FOIA requests must be submitted along with this form. An additional deposit is required for requests that are anticipated to require greater than (5) five hours of staff time.
  4. Fee Schedule for Staff Time and Copies

    Please refer to the City of Lake City Fee Schedule for current Freedom of Information Act request costs.

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