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SC Cases by County & ZIP Code (COVID-19)

The latest confirmed and estimated COVID-19 cases by ZIP code are available here as an interactive display. The estimated cases represent possible cases based on evidence that for every known case of COVID-19, there could be up to 9 people with the virus who remain unidentified in the community. By including estimates, we hope to better convey the risk of disease spread within our communities. We encourage everyone to continue to take action to protect themselves and those they love.



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Florence County has the highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in our viewing area.

According to DHEC’s website, Florence has the fourth-highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the state with 26 while Horry County has the sixth-highest death toll with 18. Richland and Greenville counties have the first and second highest death tolls, respectively.

Below, we have broken down case totals and death totals for local counties. We’ve also included what proportion of the state’s total cases and deaths each county accounts for. These basic calculations are based on DHEC’s COVID-19 numbers as of Thursday morning.

  • Horry - 18 deaths, 273 cases -- 3.3 % of state’s total cases and 4.9% of state’s total deaths
  • Georgetown - 3 deaths, 51 cases -- .6% of state’s total cases and 0.8% of state’s total deaths
  • Florence - 26 deaths, 469 cases -- 5.8% of state’s total cases and 7.1% of state’s total deaths
  • Darlington - 5 deaths, 177 cases -- 2.2% of state’s total cases and 1.3% of state’s total deaths
  • Dillon - 0 deaths, 104 cases -- 1.3% of state’s total cases and 0% of state’s total deaths
  • Marion - 4 deaths, 48 cases -- .6% of state’s total cases and 1.1% of state’s total deaths
  • Marlboro - 0 deaths, 60 cases -- .74% of state’s total cases and 0% of state’s total deaths

ABC 15 has also asked DHEC to provide a break-down of Grand Strand and Pee Dee counties’ death totals by age, gender, and race, in an effort to better understand what is going on in our area. However, a DHEC spokesperson told us they don’t keep track of that information by county. ABC 15 asked DHEC why and this was their spokesperson’s response:

This could lead to someone being identified. We continue to provide statewide demographic data that’s updated twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.