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With its vivid history and a culture grounded in the arts, Lake City combines all the essential elements that characterize the best small towns in America.

Honoring Our Agricultural Roots

Like so many American small towns, Lake City has a history steeped in agriculture - and it's still very much a part of who we are today.

For many decades, Lake City and its surrounding areas were leaders in the production of strawberries, beans, tobacco, and other essential crops. And the country's largest green bean market located in Lake City served for years as the central point of commerce between Southern farmers and northern traders, making our town an epicenter of agriculture (and a must-see stop for South Carolina visitors interested in agritourism)

Valuing Our Artistic & Cultural Heritage

Lake City has long been as committed to the arts as it has to agriculture. From the town's long-running annual music concert series, to our active local theater group, to our stewardship of the visual arts through the ArtFields art celebration, featuring the largest arts competition in the Southeast, Lake City integrates American small-town values with a big-city commitment to culture.

Carrying on Our Community - Minded Spirit

For more than a century, Lake City has been known as a town that takes care of our own. Our active community organizations, led by local citizens dedicated to building a brighter future for Lake City, have created a tradition of diversity and progress that is a hallmark of the best small towns in America.