Greetings From the Mayor

"I welcome you to our city, where we are committed to both the future, through promoting our city, and to our past, by preserving our character.

Our area covers about four square miles and approximately 6,500-7,500 people call it home.

New Projects

Many exciting projects are in development through a collaboration of private and government sources. We are past our planning stage and work has begun on our long-awaited lake project. The Lake City community is delighted with the addition of our new Boys and Girls Club, which will serve as a beacon of hope to encourage and motivate our youth through character development, after school study programs, and technology. 

Downtown Improvements

Downtown improvements continue with our façade renovations, construction of the Inn at the Crossroads, a fifty-seven room boutique hotel, and numerous additional projects. Also, the following organizations promise growth and social infrastructure development: 

  1. Community Museum Society
  2. Greater Lake City Artists' Guild
  3. Lake City Community Foundation
  4. Lake City Junior Sorosis Club
  5. Lake City Junior Women's Club
  6. Lake City Partnership Council
  7. Lynches Lake Historical Society
  8. Ministerial Alliance
  9. Young Professionals' Association

Get to Know Us

Please come spend time with us and get to know our people. We are constantly striving to improve City services and recruit businesses, as well as restore our downtown. We welcome new ideas, businesses, and families to share in the exciting things that are available in our City. We want you to feel welcome the minute you come to our community. 

Our City provides you with a community spirit and safe neighborhoods. All that we have done and all that we are working towards will make Lake City an exciting place for you to visit and live."