Police Department


If you have an emergency, call 911.

The Lake City Police Department (LCPD) strives for continual quality improvement. Employees are sensitive to the needs of the public, and are sworn to adhere to the highest ethical standards of conduct.


The Lake City Police Department consists of the following: 

  • Chief of Police
  • 1  Major (Administrations)
  • 1 Lieutenant (Administrations & Training)
  • 1 CID Supervisor
  • 3 Investigators
  • 2 Patrol Lieutenant
  • 9 Patrol Officers
  • 2 Housing Investigators
  • 1 Community Action Team officer (C.A.T.)
  • 2 School Resourse Officers at Middle and Elementry Schools
  • 1 Public Relation Officer
  • 1 Code Enforcement Officer
  • 1  Part-Time Training Officer
  • 1 Administrative Assistant

Additional Services

The department also provides:

  • Check-Mate Program
  • Youth Programs
  • Security and Threat Assessments for Churches and Businesses

Thanks to the Community

The Chief of the Lake City Police Department would like to thank everyone at the LCPD for their efforts in ensuring the safety of our community.

Additional Information

For information or transactions, contact the Lake City Police Department at 843-374-5411.